See the searching…
See the people…
Out in the darkness and soul searching
Did you find what we had lost?
All this time I’ve got to thinking about the promises;
How long this energy of Winter?
How many times that we could never love?
How many times is time enough?
All the foolish notions: When we’ll die that’s all that is.
We can never really understand the broken promises.
All along we run together (Remember?)
All along we run as one (Remember?)
When you find a perfect union, you’ve got to follow it.
Stop that reasoning (you’ve got the answer)
Stop that thinking out loud! (you’ve got the answer)

Go where your heart takes you to (you’ve got the answer!)
You’re not that innocent! You’ve been around!
You’re not that innocent…
Got to be right; got it coming to you.
How many times is time enough? (Time enough…)
Your time is just beginning out of all where we came from.
Holding on: This point receiving; there it is, there it is, there it is
Holding on, Can you remember
Holding on, Was it ever like this?
Holding on, It’s the most important thing.
It was the first time that I saw you
It was the first time that I knew
Out of all my disbelieving,
Holding on, I was holding you.

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Songwriter(s): Steve James Howe, William Scott Bruford, Rick Wakeman, Jonathan Elias, Jon Anderson
Publisher(s): Opio Publishing LLC, Imagem Songs Ltd., Bop Sound, E.G. Music Ltd., Boundmere Ltd.
Record Label(s): 1991 Arista Records, Inc
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