Hina Khan Is Smashing Fitness Goals

Hina Khan Is Smashing Fitness Goals.

Start by stretching!

Don’t underestimate the importance of warming up before a workout. Stretch your body to eliminate stiffness.

Resistance bands for the win!

If you’re not into weightlifting, resistance workouts are a great alternative. They strengthen your joints and tone your muscles!

Find your happy place!

Find a workout you enjoy and you will never struggle with being consistent. For Hina Khan, it is pilates.

Work those legs!

Leg workouts help improve your overall athletic performance. Exercise your hams, quads, calves and knees like Hina does!

Don’t ignore your arms!

Most people focus on their abs and legs while working out, but strengthening your arms is just as important!

Try barre pilates!

Barre is a workout form that amalgamates elements of yoga, pilates and ballet. It gives you the best of all worlds.

Build your balance!

Balance is as important a fitness goal as speed, strength and stamina. It allays the risk of falls and fractures.

Appreciate your progress!

While you’re on a formidable fitness journey, don’t forget to take a pause sometimes and appreciate how far you’ve come!

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