Herbal Teas To Promote Skin Health

Herbal teas are packed with antioxidants and essential nutrients that are good for the skin

Here are some amazing benefits of including herbal teas in your diet to promote skin health

Peppermint Tea

The anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties of peppermint tea reduce redness caused by acne and unclog pores

Dandelion Tea

This herbal tea is high in antioxidants that can support in fighting signs of ageing

Green Tea

Antioxidants in green tea help in removing toxins from the skin and prevent fine lines and wrinkles

Rose Tea

Incorporating rose tea into your diet can help lower signs of premature ageing like wrinkles and fine lines

Hibiscus Tea

Hibiscus tea is considered a good source of detoxification and its hydrating properties can help tackle dry, flaky and itchy skin issues

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