Healthy Snacks For Your Next House Party

House parties are incomplete without gupshup, good music and lipsmacking snacks

But it was your New Year resolution to eat only healthy. No snacks, only salad! Tch, tch

Sob not. We bring you a list of snacks that are delicious and healthy

It's a healthy Mexican dish made with boiled corn and seasonings Esquites

Taco dips can never possibly be a bad idea. Make sure to add some fresh veggies, cheese and seasonings Taco Dip

Have your classic burritos but don't forget to add more leafy veggies. Vegetarian Burritos

Every Indian cuisine lover can enjoy this dish, guilt free. Baked Kachori

Sesame and yogurt marinated paneer cubes baked in an oven. Sounds delicious! Til-E-Paneer

Brimming with antioxidants, make kebabs that are low on calories. Beetroot Kebab

This is a great way to make amazing guac with whatever you have on-hand Guacamole Four Ways

These bite-sized tacos will become the show-stopper at your party, trust us! Taco Bites

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