Healthy Food Habits That Top Gun: Maverick Actor Tom Cruise swears by at the age of 60

​Tom Cruise and his healthy food habitsThe internationally acclaimed actor Tom Cruise is all set for his upcoming American action drama Top Gun: Maverick. The 60-year-old actor is known for his healthy food choices and his immense love for Indian food. Tap to know more about it.

​Prefers slow-cooked foodAs per an international health website, he prefers slow-cooked food, as high temperatures might cause a loss of nutrients.

​Grilled Food loveAs per a health magazine, he loves grilled foods like salmon, broccoli, and tomatoes.

​Loves Chicken Tikka MasalaTom was recently spotted goring on Chicken Tikka at an Indian restaurant Veer Dhara in St.Peter's Street.

​Chicken CurryIn August 2021, he was seen enjoying Chicken Curry at Asha Bhosle's award-winning Indian restaurant - Asha's in Birmingham.

​Skips carbAs per Men's Health magazine, he sticks to a 1200-calorie diet that cuts out carbs.

​Healthy snack loverAnother news website claims that Tom eats healthy snacks like blueberries and nuts.

​Avoids sugarThe Top Gun actor avoids artificial sugar and mentioned on a talk show that he avoids sugar when he is training.

Avoids fried foodAs per reports, Tom avoids everything fried in his meals.

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