From Smosa To Burger, Calories In Your Favourite Junk Food

PizzaYour favourite cheesy, saucy pizza (large) contains a whopping 311 calories.

​SamosaThe life of your office parties, a samosa is loaded not just with yummy potato filling but also loads 250-300 calories.

​MomosIn Delhi's popular street food momos, the word steamed only sounds healthy.

BurgerYour favourite burger with its juicy patty and layers of cheese is also stacked with some 360 calories

​ShawarmaAnother popular street favourite, a single chicken shawarma wrap consists of 392.3 calories.

​ChowmeinEvery time you give into eating chowmein from the beautiful smelling chinese food van around your house.

​Soft drinksSoda and energy drinks are high on sugar and 1 glass of these beverages has about 150 calories in it.

​Potato chipsThe rescuer for passing time or complimenting your Netflix show.

​PastrySaving dessert for last, a delicious slice of everyone's favourite chocolate truffle pastry is loaded with 671 calories

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