Follow These Steps To Make Perfect Fruit Custard

People eat healthy and tasty fruit custard with great fervor.

People also consume delicious custard made from milk and fruits during fasting.

Sometimes the custard becomes thin after some time or cannot be made perfect.

Let us know the steps to make the perfect custard.

It is very important to take the right amount of milk and powder for custard.

For better consistency of custard, boil the milk well and make it thick. Also, add 2 teaspoons of custard powder in a bowl of milk and beat it well.

Now add the mixture of custard powder prepared in hot milk and sugar as per taste and keep stirring it well.

When the custard gets two to three boils, then turn off the flame.

Now when the custard is cold or lukewarm, add desired fruits and keep it in the fridge.

Take out from the fridge and serve the custard chilled.

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