[Intro: Westside Boogie & Mamii]
Do-do-do-do, do-do-do-do
How can I?
Just came in to ball
How can I?

[Verse: Westside Boogie, Mamii & both]
Mmh, pfft, how can I chill?
Struggle with keeping my head above water
I bet you ain’t know I was drowning with bills
Swimming for days, you know this shit always hit you in waves
Oh, you a stranger and never an anchor
Or somethin’ to keep me from driftin’ away, f*ck what you say
Two in the morning, I’m going through something
You probably ain’t know it ’cause I never show it
I think it’s sad that you think I’m heroic
‘Cause that mean the enemy always approachin’
Hundreds of roses put under my body
On top of the ocean while I’m in the open
Just for a moment, my problems was frozen
And I was just floatin’, just wanna float
Just wanna, uh, float on, just wanna float

Ain’t tryna think of my problems no more
Ain’t tryna get in and shoot with my bro
Ain’t tryna drown in my sorrow no more, yo-yo
I just wanna, what? , II just wanna float
I just wanna, what? Yo-yo, check, check
Flooded with hurt, you ain’t leave me a warning
Left with a storm by the people I pour in
I sink by the morning, that’s just reassurance
Met you in Torrance, you filled in the gaps
All them days that I felt I was under attack
Gotta adapt ’cause I’m startin’ from scratch
But the fire we made was forever a match (Yo, yo)
[Outro: Westside Boogie & Mamii]
Peace like like seaside
Deep like knee-high
Me-time, me-time
Yeah-yeah, just wanna float
Goin’ through somethin’, but f*ck it, I’m thuggin’
Hidin’ from judgment, hidin’ from—f*ck it
Can we float on?

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Songwriter(s): WESTSIDE BOOGIE

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