Latto let ‘em know! Hah!
Yeah, yeah, yeah

Look they ain’t bout it
I don’t trust nobody use my own fingers to count it
I’ve been winning for a while now but really who counting?
They ain’t built like me, they gon’ change like a fountain
All this water on me like boy I think I’m drowning
They don’t give me my credit, I meant it if I said it
They say I ain’t gon’ make it, huh? Hoe bet it
They be boy crazy, me? I got a money fetish
They in love with suckers, they gon’ end up diabetic
I ain’t going out sad, I been that
Still that, everything a hundred they can’t help it but to feel that
Collect the bag and that’s that
If you took my man tell me why he came back?
Look real life stupid, I don’t like the way y’all moving
All them threats, ain’t did nothing yet, Nike do it
Ain’t no pressure on the cash, they know that I get’s to it
Keep assuming, I don’t put my business out for y’all to ruin
Look you probably can’t relate, I don’t recognize fake
Bandwagon hoes tryna hang, nah it’s too late
I swear I couldn’t wait for the day the tables turned

Ain’t the type to ask for nothing, everything I earned
I don’t take L’s take it as a lesson learned
Fake classy lil’ bih, but she burnt like that perm
I don’t care what you heard if I didn’t confirm
My old circle did me dirty, that’s a ring worm
I’m down from Clayco, get toasted like Eggos
It’s best to lay low, they move when I say so
These folks be corny, they just like they toes
They share they dude just like they share they clothes
Bummy, they funny mad I’m doing good
South Side Princess catch me still in my hood
When you successful the first thing a hater gon’ say
Is that you done went Hollywood
I been cut my grass, cut ties with my past
The type if I love you I give you my last
They ain’t appreciate it, I’m bound to be the greatest
I pray to god, please keep me humble when I’m famous
How you keep it real? When everybody fake, they’ll lie to your face
I don’t need your deal, they all ended up fraud
Can’t no one stop me but god
(Amen, Amen)

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Songwriter(s): Latto

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