Dishes To Prepare For Onam

More than two dozen dishes are prepared for the grand feast of Onam and served on banana leaves


Celebrate Onam with a handful of banana chips, also known as Upperi in Malayalam


The food served on a banana leaf is incomplete without the crunchy Pappadam made from rice flour

Manga Curry

Cook Manga curry with raw mango and coconut milk. Relish the dish with hot steamed rice


Kaalan is one of the signature dishes of Onam Sadhya, cooked with yoghurt, raw banana and grated coconut


Vegetables and grated coconut are combined to make Avial, which is then cooked in coconut oil and milk and eaten with rice

Kootu Curry

Kootu Curry is a dry curry made with grated coconut, black chana, and raw bananas

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