[Intro: 42 Dugg]
Young Turnt Nigga volume 3, 4, 5 bitch
Free the 6, bitch
Can’t be f*cked with at all (Yeah)

[Verse 1: 42 Dugg]
Pop my back, we be like “f*ck it, I rap”
Mel like “f*ck it, I’m next”
Cuh what’s good? Really mean, thug what’s good?
Rich young nigga from the hood, I don’t flash no paper
Just spent twenty on bae, funny ’cause she love her ex
Sike I’m lyin, I don’t really love no bitch
No bitch can come between mine and 4 Gang
Still bangin’, please act crazy bitch and get naked
I drive crazy bitch, ’cause I’m crazy
Count up a million cash with my babies
Can’t no money get you in that club
Just on a five, I spend a dub
Show no love I don’t give no f*cks
I don’t do no kiddin’, that’s on my nigga
We ride six deep down
Rich young nigga from the east side
Which one of y’all niggas f*ck with me?
Put the dope down back, f*ckin’ with the weed
[Verse 2: Reaper]
Movin dog food, bitch, state to state
Everything good, I can’t complain
Red eye, red kill man to chop on the six
Get the za for the cheap, get the drop, I’ma spin
Free my nigga Woo, need to let him out the feds
I don’t wanna f*ck, how much you want for the head?
I done lost count how many times I done slid
We don’t shut our cars, we hop out sprayin’
Long as they pray the lil’ boy I’ma get it
Can’t be f*cked with, we the turntest in the city
Switches on the Glock but the chop got titties
Run a [?] now it’s time to get busy
Heard some niggas plottin’, come try and get finished
Get one block hit and turn it into two
This tough side, I’ma leave a nigga room

Spent a hundred thou’ on the jewels
Can’t pull less than a deuce

[Verse 3: 42 Dugg]
Boy, I won’t drop shit with a five
These my only niggas that ain’t died
Please cross the line, put ten on a nigga, tap ten
Make a friend do nigga, or die, only friends anyway
Dugg be gettin’ to the pay
Dugg got bitches in the A
Dugg got a bitch with a Drac’
She let it blow when I’ll say, say, say
Bitch blow, still ain’t hittin’ my dope
Still ain’t concealin’ my pole
f*ck what they on
There ain’t no shootin’ when I’m home
But niggas wanna beef on the phone
Yeah, I get it, bad bitch with me, big ass, big titties
I ain’t crashin’ out, at least not in my city
What’s the hatin’ about? Had my truck early
What’s the waitin’ about? I could cash anything
Niggas say that I’m out, no, I make me feel
Caught home stressin’, my niggas in jail
Scooter not here, Neff not neither
I let a bitch go before she think I need her
I’ll leave a bitch lone before a bitch start cheatin’
Get the f*ck on, nah, I don’t trust hoes
Still with the custos, made me rich
Still sippin’ wock, shit made me sick
From the third to the fifth, I done moved two bricks
I ain’t heard about shit, who the f*ck is you?
Hundred for a show and I still move blues
[Outro: 42 Dugg]
f*ck wrong with these niggas and these hoes?
I ain’t know no fightin’, put cheese on you, yeah
You know bro, bought him a new truck, yeah
We don’t do bodies, we don’t do buffs, yeah
And my ex bitch had two buffs, ex bitch had two trucks
f*ck wrong with these niggas
I’m gone

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Songwriter(s): jahk, SoundsByBreezy, Scotty Brook, 42 Dugg, Clemsy Beats

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