Can French Fries Kill You?

Just imagine life without French fries and all forms of fried potatoes.

Pretty boring and tasteless, right?

Well, don’t crave them much because a recent study has revealed that eating fried potatoes can increase the risk of death.

This killjoy of a study was first published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The researchers observed the potato consumption of 4,400 older people between the ages of 45 and 79 years, over a course of eight years.

Out of these, 236 people died by the end of the study.

A closer look revealed that these people consumed fried potatoes at least twice a week.

While having boiled or baked potatoes does not increase the risk of death, eating fried potatoes doubles it.

We understand that this is the result of a scientific study, but it's a bit hard to believe, especially as an Indian, right?

We have indulged in aloo bhajia and bhujiya and homemade chips for generations.

But it’s high time that we switch our eating habits.

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