this right here is for all those niggas that think they can see me
right here i’m give a shout out to all the hot movies

you trying to be gangsta like you “Maid in Manhattan”
that’s like me being broke dog it just want happen.
when you am me you better be ready
i’m like the cat from “The Hunted” chop you up with the machete.
when you see me coming you better get out the way
cause i know “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days.”
can’t nobody out there f*ck with me

i’m an assasin nigga like “The Bourne Identity.”
you try to challenge me that’s stupid not brave
i’m not Jet Li but i’ll send “A Cradle To The Grave.”
look me wrong i’ll shot you for being curious
hope in my car ride out like “The Fast & The Furious.”
all the girls love and i love having sex
i video tape and call it triple X.(XXX)
ya’ll know i’m the hottest so holler back
now be like Marting Lawrence and “Run Tell That.”

i’m out

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