Best Flowers To Grow In Rainy Season

The arrival of the monsoon brings greenery all around

And this is the right time to invest in gardening

Here are some flowers to grow during the rainy season

This flower and rainy season go hand in hand. The pink rain lilies will surely enhance the looks of your garden Pink Rain Lily

Be it pink, yellow, orange or red, hibiscus in all colours is beautiful and is the best plant to grow during the monsoon  Hibiscus

You can cultivate all types of jasmine varieties during the monsoon season Jasmine

These cup-like flowers in pink, yellow, and red hues will introduce colourful dimensions to your garden Oleander

This flower displays a spiral arrangement of waxy, white petals and can be quickly grown during monsoon Plumeria

The seeds of this flower can be sowed between June-July to relish its beauty during the rainy season Marigold

It is one of the most beautiful and attractive flowers in India and has been used for medical practices since ancient time Poppy Flower

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