Beach House Voyager Trails, Goa

In the Goan paradise get this taste of Portugal only at the Beach House Voyager Trails at Taj Holiday Village.

As the name suggests Beach House Voyager Trails, this restaurant traces back the journey of the voyager Vasco Da Gama.

The place has a view of the pristine sea where you can sip fruity cocktails.

The interiors have an evident touch of Goan- Portuguese architecture, which makes the entire experience authentic.

The flavours incline towards African + Portuguese cuisine.

This is their Lamb Curry, best eaten with the Goan poee or rice.

Coconut is inevitable when it comes to Goan food and these Coconut Chicken Skewers are a representation of that.

The dessert had simple flavours, which brought the entire meal together.

If you are in Goa and want to get all historic when it comes to food, then you must head to Beach House Voyager Trails, Goa.

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