Are You Actually Fit Or Just Thin?


Do you want to lose weight just to fit into a particular dress or are you metabolically fit?


Being thin according to society standards of size dresses can be quite misleading. You may look thin but may not be fit or even be over-weight as per the Body Mass Index.


It is therefore advised to talk to a doctor for advice. Instead of focusing on being thin, strive to have the right body composition to be fit!

Parents' role

Parents play an important role in moulding their kids and teens in wanting to be fit and not physically thin. They must start young with good eating habits.

Positive talks

It is also essential to talk positively about foods and body relationship and not body shame or talk obsessively about being thin.


Discussions should be around being strong and confident over thin and pretty.

Role Models

It goes without saying that parents must watch their own eating habits as kids learn by watching.


Do activities as a family around fitness like maybe going on a hike or after dinner walk.

Healthy options

Keep healthy snacks around in the house and encourage healthy eating habits.

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