Amber Heard: Hottest Hairstyles Of Amber Heard

A stunnerShe might have hit headlines for all the wrong reasons, but Amber Heard's beauty has a separate fanbase.

Her hair experiementsLet's take you through some of Amber's best hair experiments.

Dual-toned hairOne of Amber's most popular hairstyles, has to be her dual-toned blonde and black open hair.

Red gelled hairThe actress' look from the upcoming Aquaman 2 movie is creating a lot of buzz and we love her red gelled hair.

Blow dried blonde hairHer go-to hairstyle at home is a relatable blow dried hair look.

The twin tailsAmber's childlike persona is often justified when she sports twin tails or two braids with so much ease.

The neat bunHer neat bun has gone viral since it made haeadlines amidst the courtroom drama.

The pig tailNow that she has a baby girl at home, Amber's pig tail looks all the more adorable on her.

Gelled hair with an accessoryNobody ever compained about gelled hair with a tiny hat over them, did they?

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