All About Nora Fatehi’S Diet And Food Choices

Nora Fatehi

Nora Fatehi is a Canadian dancer, actor and singer, who is best known for her dancing skills in Bollywood. Here is all about her diet and the secrets behind her curves.


For breakfast, Nora likes a classic French Toast with maple syrup, some fresh-cut fruits along with a Frappuccino Coffee from Starbucks.


Mango is Nora’s most loved fruit during the summer season. Other fruits that she likes to have regularly are peaches and strawberries.

Favourite Vegetable

Broccoli is Nora’s go-to vegetable and she likes it steamed.

Cheat Meals

When it comes to cheat meals, Nora often indulges in Pizza, Pasta, Burgers and later burns out those extra calories by dancing.

Favourite Dish

An authentic Lasagna deep dish with extra cheese on top is one of Nora’s favourite dishes.


Nora loves Pasta and often consumed it for dinner with veggies and chicken. She also likes to have basic Dal, Rice with mashed potatoes for dinner as well.

Fav Dessert

Nora is a Canadian but has a Moroccan descent. Chebakia, a dessert of Moroccan origin is her all-time favourite sweet.

Secrets Behind Her Figure

Nora is not a hardcore gym person and instead likes Pilates and Dancing. According to her, belly dance helped her reduce flabby muscles, belly fat and further toned the body.

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