Lael Neale – Acquainted with Night Lyrics

Lael Neale – Acquainted with Night Lyrics

Director: Lael Neale

Editor: Lael Neale

You were the night that failed to depart
because I was holding on
and though we were quiet
the birds made the sky bid farewell
they went somewhere unknown

Shadows move slowly
I know that you know me
as one who was made for the light
but if I could show you
I can unfold to
become acquainted with night

You sent me the cold,
white shape of the moon
in the city lit by this gloom
It’s how you talk to me
in the forest of song
I am led, let me be led on
And now that you’ve shown me
I hope I know my own way home
Someday, baby
someday, baby

You were the night that had to depart
and I was the prodigal sun
returning to places I knew before
I knew the dark could come

Shadows move slowly
I hope you might know me
as one who’s acquainted with night
and now that you’ve gone
I’ll be mourning
I’ll be mourning tonight

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