5 Foods To Avoid In Monsoon

It's raining outside, and you are craving for hot and crispy snacks. But is it healthy?

As food infections and mosquito-borne diseases are common during rainy season, you have to be extra careful with your food choices.

We bring you a list of food items you should avoid to ensure good health this monsoon

No matter how much you crave, avoid fried food as it heats up the body and causes dehydration

Mushrooms are very likely to be infested by harmful bacteria during monsoon as they grow on damp soil.

Yes, yes, green veggies are healthy and all but during monsoon, they may not be a good choice.

Monsoon is the breeding season for fish and prawns so it's better you avoid having them.

Fizzy drinks reduce minerals in our body, which, in turn, reduces enzyme activity. No, not healthy!

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