My girlfriend dumped my five days ago
you’re my favorite couple and I wanted you to know
yeah two is company, three is a crowd
but Friday night’s comin up and I heard you’re goin out
I’ve been down since she been gone
and If you don’t mind I’d like to tag along and be a

Third Wheel
would it be all right
I ain’t got nothin’ going
can i hang with ya all night
(third wheel)
don’t make me stay home
I know you want to be together
but I don’t want to be alone

we can go walkin and look at the moon
or get a hot fudge sundae with an extra spoon
you can park the car, run your fingers through her hair
i’ll be in the backseat you won’t even know i’m there

how about the Cheescake Factory, just you, and her, and me
I’m gonna be a

Third wheel
Wouldn’t it be great?
don’t mind me carry on with your date
(third wheel)
don’t let me stay home
I know you want to be together
but I don’t want to be alone

let’s go shopping, give me the keys
or an awkward picnic by the oak tree

We can stay in and watch DVDs
you can play Twister and I can referee
i’m gonna be a

Third wheel thats what i’ll do
you can act like i ain’t irratating you
(third wheel)
I’ll make myself at home
thanks to you two i’ll never be alone

never be alone
a 1 and a 2 and a Third wheel

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Record Label(s): 2011 Tunafish Productions, L P
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